Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jet lag melts away at Vous Wellness Spa

So I arrive in Thailand after flying for 15-1/2 hours, tired, jet-lagged, a bit tense. I find out our tour organizer has pre-booked spa treatments for us at the Novotel Airport Hotel, Bangkok. All right!

Then the tough part comes ... what service do I choose? I can get a straight Thai massage, but that can be vigorous, almost stressful to an already tired body. Hot stone massage doesn't do a thing for me. I certanly needed more than a reflexology (fancy name for a foot rub) treatment. Hmmm..mmm I pondered the menu and came upon something called a "Hot Oil Jetlag Massage". That's it!

This massage combines some elements of Thai massage with those of Swedish/deep tissue relaxation massage. Just what the doctor ordered.

When you enter the spa, you are greeted by a lovely hostess with a traditional Thai "wai"and a request for which service you desire. While waiting, someone brings you some wonderfully warm and relaxing bael fruit tea.

My massage therapist, Noi, comes out to greet me then leads me back to the treatment room, down a hall lit beautifully by small candles at each doorway. After I exchange my clothes for a spa robe, she comes in, sits me down and gives me a soothing footbath. Then it's up onto the massage table for my treatment.

Soon, the tension from all the air miles melts away under her skilled hands. Too soon, it's over.

Noi brings me some more tea, gives me a farewell wai, and I head back to my room to enjoy the warmth and relaxation for as long as I can.

It's a great way to start my visit to Thailand ...

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