Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tamarind Village Inn an oasis in the city

When I first looked at the website for the Tamarind Village Inn in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I assumed it was located somewhere in a forest, or some kind of natural setting - at least it sure looked that way, based on the images I saw.

Imagine my surprise when we pulled into the entrance way just off a busy city thoroughfare. I should add, it was a pleasant surprise. Very pleasant.

It truly is an oasis, a natural sanctuary, from the huge 200-year-old Tamarind tree growing in its inner courtyard to the lush vegetation found everywhere in and around the grounds. I sat there and actually found it hard to believe I was sitting in the middle of a huge urban area. Still do.

The style of the 42 rooms and three suites is contemporary,but it is also based on the ancient - it makes use of the patterns and fabrics indicative of the various hill tribes that call this area of Northern Thailand "home."

Its amenities include a wonderful restaurant, a large outdoor pool and a spa that offers everything from traditional Thai massage to reflexology, from exfoliation scrubs to full-body massage.

(Regretfully, I did not find time to sample the services at this spa...maybe next time...)

In what I'm beginning to realize is another Thai tradition, the staff is incredibly warm, friendly and helpful; and it feels genuine, unlike some places I've stayed where you realize the service is offered the way it is because of good training. This feels like it's beyond training. Everyone always has a smile that feels genuine.
I guess that's why Thailand is so often referred to as "The Land of Smiles."

I have to leave in a few hours, to move on to a new spot, experience some new adventures - and that thought causes my own smile to fade, just a bit.

I'm also sure that before long, I'll more reasons to smile as I continue to explore Thailand and meet new friends along the way.


  1. Sounds wonderful John. I know what you mean about smiles that go 'beyond training'. You definitely can feel that.
    BTW I love the background picture here on your home page. Where is that taken?

  2. Thanks, Colleen, but I can't take credit for the background image, it was part of the Blogger "travel" template.